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June 9, 2009

End of Anthropology of Modern Ritual

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Hey guys, I’m not the best when it comes to blogging, but this paper has been particularly interesting.

The readings have been a bit so so at times, but I really have liked the ideas discussed in class.

Bourdieu’s – habitus, Giddens – idea’s on self-identity, and heaps of other theories that are sooo completely relevant to modern ritual.

Did everyone else enjoy the paper? I may have been a bit too tied to my 300 levels, but what I did do within the paper was very interesting and I especially loved going to the dawn parade on Anzac Day.

Well Sayonara everyone and good luck for exams and holidays 🙂

PS when do we get our tests back? Is it tomorrow? I think I may have been too shacky after the test to think about asking.


May 21, 2009

Test Question??? eekkk, he.

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Does anyone know what readings we need to have kept up to date with for the test in week 12?

I haven’t been able to do them all, but I have done relevant ones to my essay and most of the readings at the beginning of the paper.

If anyone knows this would be awesome, I really don’t want to be under prepared,it would be ultra dumb.

Coolio 🙂

April 29, 2009

Anzac Day after the Parade

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After observing the dawn parade on Saturday Morning, I was tired, but also a bit confused. The presence of a Chaplain at the ceremony had confused me and taken my idea of secular religion of Anzac day away. Many people that had attended the dawn parade before said that it was a bit strange.Can anyone who has been before tell me whether it is a norm for a Chaiplain to represent Wellington churches at every dawn parade? Or was it quite random?


I went to the parade and gained a feeling not of national pride, but of sense of togetherness and that it gave all people attending a sense of national identity.

I also read a great book called ‘Inventing Anzac’ which outlined Anzac Day as a political secular ritual, kind of NZ’s answer to thanksgiving (refer to 10 stages in ‘inventing Anzac’ book).

Also I saw the dawn parade as a way to simulate what happened on this day; e.g. the cannons, the last post, the helicopter??? etc. They all appeared as symbolic means to portray Anzac and remember our loved ones and family that were effected and had died in the war.

There were many aspects I have gained from this reading and observing the dawn parade, the book mentioned ‘The crimson thread of kinship,’ and the new awareness of nationalism. It also talked of the invention of Anzac day as a response to ongoing day-to-day problems of social control. Anzac day can also be seen as a convienient vehicle for manipulating the symbolism of natural cohesion, and disseminate hegemony no matter what type onto the masses.

There is also an interaction between informalities of the crowd and formalities of the military.

What was interesting by talking to many people there, including veterans, soldiers, and onlookers, was that it was adapted to fit our community, and many had said that it was quite different in their home towns, presented in a more personal and relevant way to where they were from.

What I did notice about the dawn parade was the respect given to military sacrifice for our country. Any soldiers I spoke to, and they were all people I had known through university previously, were very proud but also viewed Anzac Day as a military celebration, “Military’s day.”

Another aspect I learned from the Anzac Parade was that in Australia Anzac day is seen as more of a celebration, whereas in New Zealand it is more of a ceremony of remembrance. Also the dawn parade does not place too much significance for New Zealanders, as we weren’t on the scene until around midday. The only reason we have a dawn parade is that we have a close relationship with Australia, they also have a parade around midday, because of this. Which I found very intriguing.

Well I have a lot more info, but this is it for now. I did really enjoy the parade and the conversations. I also found that the lecture we had on tuesday was very relevant, as like Brigitte said a lot of these rituals were made up only recently with a specific reason, or meaning to disseminate into our nation, in this maybe a feeling of nationalism, but also aiding in manipulating strong connections.

That’s all I have to say for now, but it’s all very interesting 🙂


Also I love Anzac Bikkies :)

Also I love Anzac Bikkies 🙂

April 15, 2009

Anzac Day – Religion….

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I’m thinking about doing the religious basis of Anzac day, basically what how much importance is based on religion on Anzac day and also with regard to the veteran’s before and after. So most likely going to the dawn parade and watching the churches involvement and how much emphasis is placed on this. I’m not sure how i’m going to tackle this, but I think I will do a few good readings on Anzac day and the connection to Religious importance first.

I also wanted to talk about the symbolism that the unknown warrior gives to as a type of religious figure. Almost godly, so just having a bit of focus on how certain characters and events are given a symbolic level of importance.

I’m still not sure how i’ll tackle it, but I’m certain i’ll feel a lot more comfortable after I do a few readings on the subject.

If anyone has any suggestions, or thinks my idea sucks let me know, hehe.



March 25, 2009

Watching a conductor at work :)

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Well I’ve gone and watched the school orchestra twice so far and noted down a load of observation notes.

Orchestra distinctively followed the conductor, and everyone seemed to work from what was told to them by the conductor. It was interesting to see the hierarchy within the orchestra. Also what section of the orchestra paid more attention, for example the brass were a lot more talkitive than the rest of the orchestra, most probably because they were in the back.

It was quite interesting also how many people seemed uncomfortable by my presence, not because I was there listening, but because I was writing constantly and behind the orchestra, instead of the front like most audiences are.

Well, better finish the actual assignment, eek 🙂

But an ultra interesting topic.

March 23, 2009

Assignment query???

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Hey I’m still working on my assignment and just wanted to know if we need to include certain terminology in our observations from the reading? For example should be trying to use liminal, preliminal, etc.

Also are we meant to be using references? Or is it all our personal observations into one 1500 word write up?

Any extra information about the assignment would be grand, cause I’m feeling a bit confused.

March 17, 2009

Week One’s readings….lil bit late. But Done :)

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So I did the readings in the first week, but have not gone about writing up what I think about them.

The reading on territorial passage was relatively interesting, however it was  little bit hard to decipher at times. When attending the lecture for this reading, it seemed like a missed a lot out of the reading (and I did read it).

I did like the idea of rituals a  performance that was only touched on this reading (compared to the Turner reading).  The tribal boundaries and the transtition between one tribe and another, was very, very intriguing. When he began to talk about preparation, liminal and preliminal rites I got a midge lost and did not really understand the process until we had the lecture (then it seemed rather obvious….).

The transition/liminal stage was the best stage (hehe) mainly cause this is where all the interesting changes and important aspects to the ritual happen.

All the different types of rites for an individual and a group were highlighted a lot more as well through the lecture. I don’t mean the reading didn’t work to well,  I think I just maybe have a preference of hearing and visually understanding.

I would love for someone to clarify the stranger aspect in this reading. How they are considered sacred, amongst other things. Is it to do with the the liminal stage?

Well the second reading was good, but it did ramble a bit about things that seemed irrelevant (but I  guess as this is a modern world ritual paper, present day theatre would be relevant…eek, not sure).

It was quite interesting how there can be a range of topics available when scrutinizing reciprocal relationships. These relationships between socio-cultural processes and major genres of ritual and dramatic performance. There is an ever increasing circle when it comes to how politics, cultural traditions, cultural constructs and other important aspects effect rituals and how they change over time.

Well I’m not sure if I covered enough from the readings, but I did find them a good starting point for the rest of the course. Just need to keep on reading 🙂

March 9, 2009

Ritual observation assignment idea???

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Well I thought it might be good to come up with an idea for the assignment, I’m just finishing my degree in composition and thought what fun it would be to combine a bit of music, with a smidge of ritual.

I’m thinking of observing a conductor or orchestra when they rehearse. Not quite sure I will do within that, but probably something to do with how they gain control over the orchestra? and if so how this is done? What occurs for this reaction to differ from time to time? I’m not completely sure, but I think it would be quite fun.

If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

I’ve added the vid below, because well I thought it would be a smidge fun. I wouldnt say it’s exactly how conductors work, but thought everyone could catch a glimpse.

March 5, 2009

Rituals in Modern Anth = Quite Fun…..(*o*)

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Well here’s my modern ritual Anthropology blog, Hooray!

Well I’ve read both readings but preferred the first one a bit more than the second, maybe cause it was a smidge rambly.

The readings information is going to be added real soon….YEP.

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